Honesty & Integrity

Staff Welfare

FIA welfare Fund is operated by the managing committee at FIA (HQ).

Managing Committee

Sr. # Designation Details
1 Director Administrator Chairman
2 Director/ Immigration ,FIA HQ Member
3 Director/ECW,FIA HQ Member
4 Deputy Director/ Accounts Member
5 Deputy Director/Logistic (Secretary) Member
6 Office Supdt:/Admin-III,FIA HQ Member
7 Inspector, Subhanullah /Tec Member


Welfare fund section FIA (HQ) provides following assistance/ financials aid/ scholarship to the member of welfare fund & their families at FIA (HQ):

  • On the death of Parents amounting to Rs.5000/-
  • On the death of Husband/Wife or children amounting to Rs.10000/-
  • Reimbursement of medical bills upto Rs.4000/-
  • On the death of member amounting to Rs.15000/- alongwith Sewing Machine (Widow/or Daughter of the deceased)
  • One time grant in aid to disable/handicapped children amounting to Rs.10000/-
  • Jahez Fund (Dowry fund) one time grant to the member on the marriage of his/her one daughter Rs.25000/-
  • Rs.10000/- has been fixed in case of serious illness to any terminal disease and serious accident.
  • Interest free loan upto Rs.10000/-
  • Medical Lab Facilities provided to FIA Employees & their Families at FIA Dispensary Lab.

Utilizations of Fund

Welfare fund is utilized as follow:

  • Provide amenities to member as whole and in particulars to lower rank and their families.
  • Grant in aid in case of death of member, wife or dependent children, and dependent parents.
  • Prolonged illness of self, wife, dependent children and dependent parents.
  • Grant of interest free loan to the members.
  • Help in accident (Self, wife dependent children and dependent parents).
  • Re-imbursement of medicinal expenses.
  • Grant of scholarships to the school going children of the member.
  • Investment as decided upon from time to time by the Managing Committee.
  • FIA Dispensary Lab test expenses provided out of welfare fund.


Scholarships are given to the children of members. All scholarships/ special assistance to FIA Employees is from BPS-1 to BPS-16.

Sr. # Qualification Quantity Details
1 Primary Pass Student 2 Scholarships Rs. 6000/- Per Annum
2 Matric Pass Student 4 Scholarships Rs.18000/- Per Annum
3 For FA/ FSc Pass Student 2 Scholarships Rs.30000/- Per Annum
4 For MA/ MSc/ Bachelor Pass Student 2 Scholarships Rs.45000/- Per Annum

Sources of fund collection

Monthly collection from the officers/ official at the following rates

Scale FIA W/F + N.P.F Fund Total
BPS-01 to 04 10+15 25
BPS-05 to 09 10+30 40
BPS-10 to 15 20+40 60
BPS-16 20+50 70
BPS-17 60+70 130
BPS-18 60+80 140
BPS-19 60+100 160
BPS-20 & 21 60+150 210
BPS-22 60+200 260

Monthly profit earned from Rs.1000000/- has been fixed invest in National Saving Centre for five years which in going to be complete on May,2014.