Honesty & Integrity

Economic Crime Wing

Economic Crime Wing deals with investigation of the offences related to Financial Crimes; (Money Laundering, Hundi/ Hawala, Illegal Money or Value Transfer Services (MVTs), STRs/FIRs (Financial Intelligence Reports) & fraud committed in relation with banking business, wilful default matters etc.)

Our Achievements
  • Recovered RS. 15313819 form Sindh of BISP
  • Recovered RS. 6909998 form Punjab of BISP
  • Recovered RS. 21,796,017 form KPK of BISP
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  • Foreign Exchange Regulation Act-1947
  • Anti Money Laundering Act-2010
  • Banking Companies Ordinance-1962
  • Financial Institutions Recovery Ordinance
  • Offences of Pakistan Penal Code-1860 on the schedule of
  • Certain offences of Pakistan Penal Code-1860 on the schedule regarding offences related to banking business
Main Function
  • To analyze laws relating to Economic Crimes and to suggest amendments, if required;
  • Data Collection and analysis
  • Analysis of daily progress reports
  • Collection of data on seizures, confiscation and attachment
  • ECW compiled, presented and defended the report on IO-7 Money Laundering in the mutual evaluation of Pakistan in May, 2021 which resulted in 06 out of 07 recommended actions being largely complied.
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New Initiatives