Honesty & Integrity

Director General's Message

The Federal Investigation Agency, being Pakistan’s premier investigation agency, deals with multifaceted serious and organized crimes like Immigration, Anti-human Trafficking, Anti-corruption, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Crime, Money Laundering etc. At the same time it is the lead agency for investigation of ...

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  • Mr.Muhammad Tahir Rai took charge as DG FIA.

    Mr.Muhammad Tahir Rai took his charge as Director General Federal Investigation Agency(FIA). Before taking his charge he laid floral wreath at Yadgar.e.Shuhada and gave tribute to the martyrs of FIA

    Dated: 2022-04-22

  • Addressing the first meeting with the senior officers of FIA

    He said Honesty is the best policy and it will be fully implemented. The FIA's mission will be to serve the people with honour and respect.

    Dated: 2022-04-22

  • DG FIA addressing the senior officers of FIA cybercrime wing

    During the meeting with senior officers of Cybercrime, DG said that controlling Cybercrime will be the first prority. He also emphasized that no one will be allowed to tarnish the dignity of citizens. Strict legal action will be taken against such accused and against those who share the fake social media posts.

    Dated: 2022-04-22

  • DG FIA addressed the officers of FIA

    During his address to the officers of FIA, DG said that Human Trafficking will be severely curtailed and exemplary legal action will be taken against major human traffickers. He also emphasized that Pakistan's prestige in the international community will be restored

    Dated: 2022-04-22


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Key Functional Units

Cybercrime Wing

Crime through Technological devices or Internet, which includes Social Harassment.

Immigration Wing

Immigration, Exit Control List, Black List, Provisional National Identification List (PNIL),Travelling Record (IBMS), Anti Human Trafficking and Smuggling.

Economic Crime Wing

Money Laundering, Hundi/ Hawala, Illegal Money or Value Transfer Services (MVTs), STRs/FIRs (Financial Intelligence Reports) & fraud committed in relation with banking business, wilful default matters etc.)

Counter Terrorism Wing

High Profile Cases with Transnational element, Terrorism and Terrorist Financing, Cyber Terrorism and Blaspheming

Anti Corruption Wing

Related to organizational crimes (CDA, NADRA, all Federal organizations), Spurious Drugs, Theft of Electricity ,Gas and Oil


Co-ordination and operation with (Custom, ANF, NAB and Provincial Police) of Pakistan. Linked with INTERPOL at Lyon France.