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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started "Plant For Pakistan Day ". 

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started “Plant For Pakistan Day”. 

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No country can afford to allow free movement of people , nationals or foreigners, across its borders because of National Security concerns. Civil Armed Forces of Pakistan control the International Borders and FIA Immigration regulates the movement of people through notified entry/exit points of all departure and arrival.

The menace of illegal travel documents, human smuggling and entry/exit of undesirable elements has created a major imbalance in our internal and external societal dynamics and tarnished Pakistan’s image globally.

The Immigration Wing in FIA is headed by an Additional Director General who is responsible for assisting the Director General and coordinating operations of the Zonal Directors. Immigration Wing has three Directorates namely Immigration, Anti Human Smuggling and Integrated Border Management System (IBMS).The Immigration Directorate regulates the flow of incoming and outgoing international passengers and prevents instances of human smuggling through its 26 regulated entry / exit points which include 13 Airports, 05 Land Routes, 04 Seaports and 02 Railway Stations.

Responsibilities of FIA Immigration Officers:

Following are the main functions of FIA Immigration field offices across the country:-

  • Examination of travel documents of arriving and departing international passengers
  • Prevention, Detection and Arrest of passengers travelling on fake/forged documents
  • Arrest of offenders on the request of police and other law enforcement agencies
  • Implementation of different formalities/terms and conditions stipulated by the government in respect of different class of passengers including govt. servants, professional and etc.
  • Enforcement of Exit Control List .
  • Handling all cases of Visa on Arrivals for Business and Tourist Category through its designated entry points across the country.
  • Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) maintaining 135 Million Travel Records.


During 2018, FIA Immigration handled traffic of 20.7 million international travelers (57 thousands on daily basis). A total of 90,000 flights were cleared. 173 attempts of illegal immigration through fake and forged travel documents were foiled and cases were referred to Anti Human Trafficking units for investigations. Around 33,955 cases of Returns were handled.

The FIA Immigration Wing had actively participated in enacting the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act 2018 and Prevention of Smuggling of Migrants Act 2018 to replace the ineffective law of Prevention and Control of Human Trafficking Ordinance (PACHTO) 2002 given the local ground realities and international demands as well as best practices.

Besides its mandated responsibilities the FIA Immigration has also been instrumental in the fight against Money Laundering. After obtaining data of the people travelling abroad via the land route and analyzing it thoroughly, FIA has initiated investigation wherein it was revealed that US dollar, pound sterling and several foreign currencies were being smuggled on a massive scale.

FIA immigration works in close liaison with local law enforcement agencies. FIA staff deputed at Islamabad International Airport was successful in apprehending a criminal accused of double murder trying to flee abroad immediately after committing the crime. The accused was handed over to the concerned SHO of local police.

FIA Immigration Wing has established its Overseas Link Offices in Oman, Iran and Greece to identify the victims of human smuggling and to facilitate their subsequent return to Pakistan.

Manual immigration clearance of passengers instead of bio metrics processing / e-gates, non access to the Advance Passengers Information System (APIS) of IATA coupled with shortage of manpower and forgery detection equipments are main concerned areas for FIA Immigration.

In order to accomplish the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan to strengthen bilateral ties with neighboring countries the Immigration Wing of FIA is actively working on the project of round the clock operationalization of Torkham Border with Afghanistan.

Targets in Future

Considering the better performance and facilitation by it Overseas Link Offices FIA Immigration Wing has planned for opening of more link offices in following countries.

  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Malaysia
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy

With the inception of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) the flow of passengers, traders, visitors and tourists is expected to rise resulting huge increase in the role and responsibilities of FIA Immigration.

FIA Immigration Wing is committed to provide better service to the passengers and stop illegal migration. Stringent legislative, preventive and punitive measures are in place. We are tightening the noose around the networks of human traffickers and smugglers and we hope to achieve more success in future though our better efforts and effective international coordination and cooperation.

One Window Facilitation Desks for Overseas Pakistanis

In compliance of Wafaqi Mohatasib's order, One Window Facilitation Desk (OWFD) for resolution of public grievances have been established at all International Airports i.e. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta & Peshawar. Focal persons deputed by FIA are always available at One Window Facilitation Desk alongwith other agencies like CAA, ASF, ANF, Immigration & Passport for facilitation of the passengers. The contact Nos. of the focal persons are also available on the website. Complaints against the staff are being received at the Desk and international passengers are being facilitated in immigration matters round the clock by immigration staff. If there is any issue, the same is resolved then and there by the concerned staff.

Procedure to be adopted by Pakistani nationals in abroad in case of loss of NICOP/POC

The overseas Pakistanis who have expired NICOP/POC or lost it, they can travel to Pakistan by getting renewal slip of the same from NADRA office. However, if they are not in possession of renewal slip , they may also travel to Pakistan where they can get landing permit free of cost by showing NICOP/POC (expired) or “B” form to FIA Immigration staff. The landing permit will be for 72 hours only.

Procedure for registration of Foreigners with Police Stations in Pakistan

The nationals of India and Somalia travelling to Pakistan are required to undergo Police Registration under Registration of foreigners Rules, 1966. Please follow the following steps for a hassle-free trip:-

  • Provide additional information regarding your visit to the Immigration Officer on arrivals and get a copy of Form-C.
  • . Register yourself with the foreigner’s registration branch of District Police Officer of Special Branch in the city/district of stay and get a Residential permit for the period of stay. Before departure, do not forget to surrender the Residential Permit to the same authority and get a Travel Permit.


  • Diplomatic/Official Passport holders and SAARC Visa Holders from above countries are exempted from Police Registration.
  • Nationals of above countries holding Work Visa in managerial category are exempted from Police Registration except Indians and foreigners of Indian origin.

How to obtain Visit Visa through Pakistan Mission abroad or Visit Visa on arrival

Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant visit/tourist visa for three months validity and stay with double entries to foreigners of 190 countries of List-A. The said list can be seen here Moreover, the nationals of 50 countries will be granted Visa-on-arrival for individual tourist/group tourists. The said list can be seen here

How to obtain Business Visa of Pakistan

Missions are allowed to grant 5 years Multiple Business Visa within 24 hours to the businessmen of 96 Business Visa List (BVL) countries (list is available here) subject to the production of any of the following and as per list of countries mentioned below:

  • Recommendation letter from CC & I of respective foreign country.
  • Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned Trade Organization.
  • Recommendation letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI/Commercial attaché.
  • Visa on Arrival (VOA) for 30 days to be granted to businessmen of 96 BVL countries on production of any of the above mentioned documents.
  • Multiple business visa for 5 years shall be granted within 24 hours, subject to provision of requisite documents.

FIA Link Offices

Muscat (Oman)

Counsellor Immigration Dr. Naveed Ahmed
Focal Person Phone # 0096891976311
Address: FIA Link Office, Embassy of Pakistan, Muscat (Oman)
Phone # 0096824695795
Fax: 0096824698977
Email: fialinkoffice @

Athens, Greece

Counsellor Immigration: Saifullah Jokhio
Phone # 2107290122/7290214
Address:15 Vekiareli, Filothei, 15237 Athens, Greece


Second Secretary
Phone # 00982166941388-90
Fax: 0982166944898

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