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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started "Plant For Pakistan Day ". 

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started “Plant For Pakistan Day”. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What documents are required to go abroad on Work Visa?
    (1) Valid Passport (2) Valid Visa (3) Protector Stamp (4) Work Permit (only for specific countries).

  2. What documents/conditions are required to be fulfilled to go abroad on visit Visa .?
    (1) Valid Passport (2) Returned ticket (3) Confirmed hotel booking with advance payment (4) To be in possession of Sufficient Funds (e.g at least 2000 DUR for Dubai. Amount available in Credit card also acceptable) (5) Sound Profile .

  3. What do I should if I want to lodge a complaint against Immigration staff at the spot?
    (1)Dropping the complaint in Complaint Box (2) Contact DD/AD Immigrations whose contact Nos. are displayed.

  4. If I am a Pakistani national and have lost my travel documents during my stay at abroad, to whom I should approach?
    Nearest Pakistani Mission abroad for issuance of Emergency Travel Documents (ETD).P

  5. If I am a Pakistani and deported to Pakistani from any country, under which laws/rules I may expect to be treated?
    Passport Act and relevant sections of PPC. However, it is not applied upon the deportees who are deported just for overstay.

  6. If I am a Foreigners in Pakistan and have over stayed, what surcharges I am to pay for regularization of my overstay period?
    TNotice Visa Fee Surcharge is available in Immigration Section of website ;

  7. How can I apply for E-visa to Pakistan?
    Please see tutorial video on the subject, available on the website

  8. Is NOC from concerned department is necessary for government servants of Pakistan leaving for abroad?
    Yes and the same (in original) is also required to be provided to Immigration Officer on duty.

  9. Is National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistan (NICOP) and Pakistani Origin Card (POC) are necessary for dual nationality holders entering into Pakistan?
    Yes. and in case of lost of NICOP or POC see instructions on the subject available on the website.

  10. Whether request for placing the names of the accused persons can be moved in private capacity?
    No. These are required to be moved through DPO concerned or other relevant govt. departments.
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