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Recruitment against vacant posts is in the pipeline

The Prime Minister of Pakistan on 03-04-2014 has graciously allowed recruitment of 50% of the available vacancies in FIA. To keep the process of recruitment totally transparent, the vacancies (BS-1 to BS-14) will be filled through National Testing Service (NTS) and (BS-16 and above) through Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

  • February 22,2017

    FIA team reaches Karachi to probe PIA Corruption    READ MORE

  • February 17,2017

    FIA complete inquiry against 32 CDA officers    READ MORE

  • February 16,2017

    2 FIA officers awarded for best performance    READ MORE

  • February 15,2017

    FIA arrests MCS scam suspect    READ MORE

  • January 23,2017

    FIA seeks legal cover to curb organ trade    READ MORE

  • January 23,2017

    Substandard stents: Officers of multinational company scaled    READ MORE


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