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National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes(NR3C)

Introduction to National Response Center for Cyber Crime

Information technology is making profound inroads into the very fabric of our society and our economy as a nation in the global community. In a very real sense, the "Information Superhighway" has become the economic lifeblood of our nation.

We are depending on information technology, computers and the global network that connect them together. This dependency has become a clear and compelling threat to our economic well-being, our public safety, and our national security.۔

The world's networks, referred to by many as "cyberspace", know no physical boundaries. Our increasing connectivity to and through cyberspace increases our exposure to traditional adversaries and a growing body of new ones. Terrorists, radical groups, narcotics traffickers, and organized crime will join adversarial nation-states in making use of a burgeoning array of sophisticated information attack tools. Information attacks can supplement or replace traditional military attacks, greatly complicating and expanding the vulnerabilities we must anticipate and counter. The resources at risk include not only information stored on or traversing cyberspace, but all of the components of our national infrastructure that depend upon information technology and the timely availability of accurate data. These include the telecommunications infrastructure itself, our banking and financial systems, our transportation networks, emergency services, such as police, fire, and rescue; and government operations at all levels. All are necessary for economic success and national security. Keeping this in view National Response Centre for cyber crimes was formed.




  • Enhance the capability of Government of Pakistan and Federal Investigation Agency to effectively prevent growing cyber crimes.
  • Reporting & Investigation Centre for all types of Cyber Crimes in the country
  • Liaison with all relevant national and international organizations to handle cases against the Cyber Criminals
  • Provide necessary technical support to all sensitive government organizations to make their critical information resources secure.
  • Carry out regular R & D activities to make the Response Centre as a centre of technical excellence.
  • Provide timely information to critical infrastructure owners and government departments about threats, actual attacks and recovery techniques. A role of Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).
  • To provide on demand state-of-the-art electronic forensic services and cyber investigative to support local police
  • Build local capability in incident handling and security intelligence
  • Monitor global security issues and gather IT security intelligence.
  • Capacity building to investigate and handle cyber crime cases.
  • Investigation and prosecution of cyber criminals and cope with high-tech crimes.
  • To enforce existing laws to combat computer crime and to protect consumers and Internet users.

Achievements Made Up till Now:

  • Organized Over Forty (40) Seminars/Workshops in different cities of Pakistan, in which thousands of relevant persons participated.
  • Approximately Sixty Eight (68) complaints have been received by NR3C and being processed by Zonal Cyber Crimes Units.
  • NR3C has provided training to over 100 officers of National Accountability Bureau with basic cyber investigations techniques and methods.
  • Timely inform all Government organizations and financial institutions etc about the DOS attacks.
  • NR3C is providing training on “Collection of Digital Evidence from Scene of Crimes “ for the Police Officers of all provinces in Pakistan.
  • Availability of Internet users log has been increased from (45) days to (90) days after lot of efforts by NR3C.
  • First Responder course is being approved from National Police Training Management Board.
  • During last two years NR3C played a vital role regarding timely reporting of defacement of websites in Pakistan.

Past performance of National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes is as under.


NR3C is providing single point of contact for all local and foreign organizations for all matters related to cyber crimes It is imparting training and related security education to persons of government/semi-government and private sector organization. It has also conducted a number of seminars in different cities of the country to educate the senior management of sensitive government organizations regarding cyber attacks on their information resources: information breach and to make their systems secure against all such threats. The details of seminars are as under:

Date Topics Participation from Public/Private sector
16th Oct, 2002
Cyber Security Challenges and Solutions (Middle Level Management)
25th Feb, 2003
Cyber Security Challenges and Solutions (For Senior Level Management)
2nd Jun, 2003
Orientation on Cyber Crimes (For Junior Level Management)
18th Jun, 03
Coordination Efforts to Combat Banking related Cyber Crimes and Money Laundering (For Senior Executives of Banking Sector)
10th July, 03
Cyber Security challenges and Solutions (at Karachi)
12th July, 03
Cyber Security challenges and Solutions (at Lahore)
29th Aug, 03
Processing of first Cyber Crime case by NR3C
4th Oct, 03
Coordination Efforts to Combat ISP’s related Cyber Crimes
9th Feb, 04  
Cyber Crimes For SIG,at FIA Academy
30 March, 04 
Cyber Security challenges and Solution at Islamabad
24th May, 04 
Information Security and Cyber Crimes at Islamabad
27 Nov, 2004
Information Security and Cyber Crimes at Islamabad
27 Nov, 2004
Conference on Cyber Security at Karachi
Training of Police Agency officers in the area of Digital Evidence Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Muzafrabad
3rd Dec,07
Lecture on Cyber Security to trainee NAB Officers
17th Dec,07
One day Seminar on Cyber Security
60 Trainee Judges from Punjab
18th Dec,07
Lecture on Information Security in NAB
28th Jan,08 
Lecture on Information Security in NAB
28th Jan to 30th Jan,08  
Four Days Training Workshop for under training ASPs at National Police Academy
4th March,08
One day workshop on Cyber Security Challenges & Solutions
12th Apr,08
Lecture on Introduction to Cyber Crimes
14th Apr, 08
One day Seminar on Cyber Terrorism: A threat to Critical Information Infrastructure
26th Apr,08
Lecture on Cyber Security
28th Apr,08
Lecture on Eminent Threat of Cyber Crimes & Cyber Terrorism  
8th May,08
One day Seminar on Awareness of Cyber Crimes/Electronic Crimes


NR3C is helping to improve the skill level of FIA officer and official to interrogate such kind of hi-tech and sophisticated crimes, through training, seminars and workshops.


The major category of cases which is handled is as under:

  • Financial Crimes
  • Email Treating
  • Denial of Service attack and DDOS attack.
  • Virus / Worm attacks.
  • Internet time thefts.
  • Unauthorized to access the system
  • Credit Cards Frauds
  • Anti Pakistan/Islam material on websites
  • ATM Frauds
  • Mobile communication
  • Theft of Systems
  • Web SMS
  • Pornography
  • Interpol Cases


  • Provided real time help and assistance to number of financial institutions in their efforts regarding information security.
  • Facilitates police departments in tracing a large number of cases involving electronic evidence like e-mail and telephone messages etc.
  • Provided assistance to finalize cyber laws.
  • Provided training to lawyers and judges through Islamic University & Judicial Academy.

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Directory of Security White Papers.
CompInfo - The Computer Information Center.
Computer Security Institute (CSI).
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A Trusted and Reliable Public-Private Partnership for Information Sharing and E-Security Issues.
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An Enterprise Network Security company headquartered in Massachusetts.
Mishpat.Net - Internet Legal Information.
The Global Knowledge Network for Business, Information, Technology, and Knowledge Managers, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.
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The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA).
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The Department of Law at Leeds is recognised as one of the leading UK law schools.
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